Cancellation Policy

Cancellation by Customer

If, for any reason, you decide to cancel your confirmed booking, your credit card will be credited with the appropriate amount as per the cancellation policy applicable.

Please note that following our customer ordering system is direct and simple for ordering activities and Car Rental for a specific date, whereby our accommodation sections offer only Via mail confirmation bookings. Mauritius Bookings charges different cancellation charges according to the order option chosen by you and its status (if the activity has been already reserved for a specific date or not):

Cancellation for booking by email "Accommodation only":

Please note that in the event that a guest wishes to cancel an email booking that is applicable only for the accommodation booking, the customer will be charged a 20% cancellation fee of the total amount (this is to cover our fees Card processing and labour costs and also 15% prepaid to the owner as a pre-advance booking fee).

Cancellation of an activity reserved for a specific date:

This option refers to cases in which an activity has been booked and reserved by the customer for a specific date, including:

In both these cases, cancellation charges apply according to the table here below:


Charged as a % of the order amount for the activity

30 days before the date of the activity


15-30 days before the date of the activity


7-14 days before the date of the activity


3-6 days before the date of the activity


Less than 2 days before the date of the activity


Please note:

Cancellation by Mauritius Bookings

In the unlikely event of the cancellation of an activity, tour, excursion, attraction, package trip by Mauritius Bookings, we will:

The only exception to the above would be cases of force majeure or as a result of unusual and unforeseeable circumstances beyond our control.


The above stated Cancellation close is applicable ONLY in case the activity has been canceled by MauritiusBookings taking into consideration of no amendment done from the client side on the original booking.

Refunds must be requested by sending an email to to be eligible for consideration. Requests received by any other method including direct email to a staff member or online chat or phone conversation or text message or to the supplier cannot be considered or processed. Refund must be requested within 28 calendar days from the day of the cancellation.

Cancellation of an activity for which there was a change in date and time:

In case a booking has been confirmed for a specific date or time, and later, as per the client’s request, the booking was changed to a different date or time, which afterwards gets canceled by Mauritius Bookings or by the client for any reason, Mauritius Bookings may charge the client the cancellation charge according to the original date or time of the booking made. For example, for an activity which was originally booked for May 5th, and on May 4th (the day before), the client did contact Mauritius Bookings, informing Mauritius Bookings that they will not be able or do not wish to attend the activity on May 5th and requesting to postpone the activity to May 10th; Mauritius Bookings changed the booking accordingly. then, on the day itself the activity was canceled due to weather conditions. In such case, MauritiusBookings may charge the client a cancellation fee as per the original change in the original booking, meaning as per the 1-day cancellation.